Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Reader's Digest

Reader’s digest is a magazine which I have been reading it since my school years. I would say that it is a very good magazine. This is a magazine, which can be read by everyone in the family. It has sections for everyone. Humor, real life stories, anecdotes, articles of bravery and courage, Articles for kids, etc.

This is one of the good health magazines too. Fro example it has articles about certain medicine, certain diseases like heart attacks and how to deal with them in emergency, etc.

The best thing is it improves your language a lot. The writing is simple and clear. You will not have any difficulty going through the writing. Its humor section is pretty cool and the footnote of each page will have a humorous saying or a quote or an anecdote.

Its increases the pleasure of reading, This magazine has articles of all kinds. Women , Health, True stories, Inspirational stories of real life people.

The word power section is also good…. it greatly increases your vocabulary. It has great illustrations, most of them are hand drawn. So it is attractive to read too.

All in all it makes a good read if you want to relax with a light book in the afternoons or before going to sleep . The best thing about this book which I like is that it’s fun, creates awareness and educational too. If someone is sick, this magazine can read to that person. Or if you are travelling somewhere by train its a good magazine to pick up. Another advantage of this magazine is that its size. Its just the right size to take it in your travelling bag. :).

The price is high if you purchase it. The best thing to do is to subscribe to this magazine.
So many magazines have come into the foray but this magazine maintains its standard of quality writing and articles as it was before.

Anyway check it out if you are interested and I am sure you will like it !!!

Now Reader’s Digest is available online. It is as good as the book but not that good. For more info check out .

Monday, May 02, 2005

Titan watch..

I was first associated with this watch when I was in High School. I had been given a gift by my father as I was crossing the first educational hurdle of my life...... Matriculation.

This watch has been a sort of a second skin to me and of course its been like a best friend to me for the past 11 years. And its still going strong.

As for maintenance I hardly had to go to the service centre except to change batteries three times in 11 years. That says a lot for the watch. This particular watch is an old model which has a black dial and a leather strip. This would look good on casual wear as well as formal wear. That was the best part. It could carry me through any situation and it was light to wear. The lightness of this watch would make me feel as if I was not wearing anything on my hand. Comfortabilty was the key factor of the watch besides the service.

I would like to point out another fact. Usually watches react to extreme weather. But this watch is compatible with any weather condition. I have been through heavy rains, hot sun, extreme winters and humid weather but it did not give up.... this watch is a true survivor.

I acquired another jewellery watch from TITAN which is three in one. I found that pretty interesting as this watch would suit all occasions and look cool on my hand too. I hope that this also endures for a considerable amount of time.

My first watch is still close to my heart and till today a stranger sometimes compliments me on the watch and they dont believe that this buddy of mine is 11 years old !!! :):)

If you are thinking of investing on a watch for your friend as a gift or giving your daughter or son a gift for 21st birthday or 16th birthday... you can surely check this brand out. Titan has got a wide variety of ranges and designs to choose from and they have something for every one and every occasion...

Do check it out !!!!!

Pros : great service
Cons : none
Purchase Price (INR) : 800
Age group best suited for? : Suits all
Best occasion for this watch/clock? : No specific occasion
Where did you purchase this watch/clock from? : Received as a gift item
How long have you had this watch/clock? : More than 5 years

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Clairol Herbal Shampoo.. Feeling Light

Product rating: 4 out of 5

Does it smell good? :I love it!
What hair type is it for? : Oily / greasy hair
Value for money : Excellent

Pros: Keeps your hair healthy
Cons: May not be suitable for dry hair.

Recommend to potential buyers: yes

Full review

I came across this product by chance and since then this shampoo has become one of my many favourites. I am very happy using this shampoo. It improved my hair and kept it pretty healthy sans dandruff.

I have oily hair and I need something mild for the hair as I wash my hair frequently. I happened to come across this shampoo. It smelled great and looked good.... I wanted a different shampoo anyway...

And mind you I have not regretted it till date. I am very much interested in other products of this brand. Quality is great. It kept my hair very mildly perfumed and very clean and as promised it added body to my short hair :):).


It contains natural ingredients like Marigold flowers, Angelica and Thyme which are good for the hair. At least thats what the herbs say :):):) What i like about this product is that it is made with natural ingredients.


The price is what attracted me too. Sometimes I end up paying some whopping amount for a shampoo which does not suit my hair at all. This product was pretty affordable for me. It cost me about 175/-when I bought it though now the price has increased to 210/- Indian rupees.


The bottle lasts for quite sometime especially if you have short hair. I shampoo my hair on a daily basis due to the dust and grime which gets on to the hair.... Give or take it lasted me about 4 months and more. It needs very little amount of shampoo and it creates enough lather to shampoo your hair.


I must say the product more than satisfied me.. Meanwhile if you want more information as to what herbal essences shampoo will suit you best do check out...

PS : before using this product please check your hair type. This is shampoo is good for fine hair. If you find that your hair is dry after using this shampoo, do add a conditioner of your choice.

© Pallavi 2004

More details

Why did I buy it? : Packaging
How does my hair feel after use? : Soft, Silky, Light & bouncy

Thursday, July 19, 2001

Okay with this one

Smirnoff Red Vodka...

This review is about Smirnoff my favourite brand of vodka.

What is SMIRNOFF about ?

Smirnoff has about 40% alcohol. Smirnoff undergoes double distillation and produces the best quality with a unique, patented, hardwood charcoal filtration process. The hardwood charcoal, selected from choice suppliers is activated at a precise temperature for maximum filtration effectiveness. Every drop of Smirnoff slowly passes through 14 tons of this superb proprietary charcoal-patiently enhancing and refining quality. After 47 separate quality control checks, Smirnoff Vodka is ready for bottling.

(This is for your information, courtesy my research on the net) :):)

This is what goes to make the best vodka. I personally am a pure Vodka person. I have tried a few other drinks but this is the one which suits me the best.

If not SMIRNOFF ??

Smirnoff is the top of my list of Vodka brands. My next best option is Romanov but that is not as smooth as Smirnoff. If you dont have either of this brands you can also go for Danzka.. this is another amazing Vodka I have had.. it is available in the shops of Germany. You could also try Eristoff or Absolut Vodka. They do provide Smirnoff with stiff competition in terms of quality of the drink. You could also try Skye Vodka and Smirnoff Blue which is much better than red...

What I like about SMIRNOFF

The best thing I like about Smirnoff is that it goes down very well with any food and you can have it with the appetiser as well. And you can have it anywhere anyhow.

The tales you can spin with VODKA

The cocktails made with this Vodka are many and I like that as I have some options when I decide to go for a Vodka drink.

When you are just chilling out with friends you can go for BLOODY MARY, ( a cocktail made of tomato juice and Vodka with salt and lime on the side),

SCREW DRIVER, a proportion of orange juice and vodka and ice(optional)... you can make it light or strong according to your preference,

Citronella Cooler, Electric Lemonade,Warsaw cocktail..... For more information about how to make cocktails, do visit the smirnoff website...

My favorite

Vodka plus ice plus Lime Cordial... or Vodka plus Ice plus Seven up with a dash of slit green chilli and mint leaves..... hic !!!

This relieves me of the stress if I am having any .. that is.. and it is a good drink to hold and talk to your friends in parties. That way you dont have to take too many drinks at one time ( unless you opt for it) and you can languish with one without being impolite. This is because the ice takes sometime to melt and the taste differs with each sip.

I forgot to write that it digests my food quite well. Moreover your mouth does not smell after you drink vodka which is a blessing in disguise... :):). This drink can be had at any time of the day without making you feel real heavy.. but yes... dont have it in an empty stomach.. that will make you reel...

The only hitch is that the standard bottle is very expensive. It started with 360/- rupees and now suddenly the price has risen up to 600/- plus rupees due to tax and the budget planning in Bangalore. You could go for the smaller bottle but that is also quite expensive ..but I guess its worth the price.. though I am not going to spend on this very frequently :):):)... If the price is less in other parts of India and the world I must say that you all are lucky !! :):)

Some people maybe averse to drinking Vodka. This maybe because of their metabolism.. so find something which you like .. and be happy ... !!! I am happy with mine... I hate Rum and Whisky so I dont go near it.. !!! Dont despair and look down on people who love Vodka.. I say we all have our preference :):):).

Cheers.. Enjoy your drink whatever you are having... dont get addicted to it and dont drink and drive....!!! :):)

Pros : It goes down well
Cons : may not agree with everyone
Purchase Price (INR) : 600/-
Why did I buy this particular brand? : Because its my favorite drink... and this was the best I could get at that time...
When is the best time to consume this drink? : Evenings

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