Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Clairol Herbal Shampoo.. Feeling Light

Product rating: 4 out of 5

Does it smell good? :I love it!
What hair type is it for? : Oily / greasy hair
Value for money : Excellent

Pros: Keeps your hair healthy
Cons: May not be suitable for dry hair.

Recommend to potential buyers: yes

Full review

I came across this product by chance and since then this shampoo has become one of my many favourites. I am very happy using this shampoo. It improved my hair and kept it pretty healthy sans dandruff.

I have oily hair and I need something mild for the hair as I wash my hair frequently. I happened to come across this shampoo. It smelled great and looked good.... I wanted a different shampoo anyway...

And mind you I have not regretted it till date. I am very much interested in other products of this brand. Quality is great. It kept my hair very mildly perfumed and very clean and as promised it added body to my short hair :):).


It contains natural ingredients like Marigold flowers, Angelica and Thyme which are good for the hair. At least thats what the herbs say :):):) What i like about this product is that it is made with natural ingredients.


The price is what attracted me too. Sometimes I end up paying some whopping amount for a shampoo which does not suit my hair at all. This product was pretty affordable for me. It cost me about 175/-when I bought it though now the price has increased to 210/- Indian rupees.


The bottle lasts for quite sometime especially if you have short hair. I shampoo my hair on a daily basis due to the dust and grime which gets on to the hair.... Give or take it lasted me about 4 months and more. It needs very little amount of shampoo and it creates enough lather to shampoo your hair.


I must say the product more than satisfied me.. Meanwhile if you want more information as to what herbal essences shampoo will suit you best do check out...

PS : before using this product please check your hair type. This is shampoo is good for fine hair. If you find that your hair is dry after using this shampoo, do add a conditioner of your choice.

© Pallavi 2004

More details

Why did I buy it? : Packaging
How does my hair feel after use? : Soft, Silky, Light & bouncy


At 12:12 AM, Blogger Candy said...

Pal herbal products have neveah gone down with it creams or shampoos....ive tried i think it was the rose herbal essence not hair became rilly rough. newayz am sticking to either headn shoulders or finesse. :D

At 11:22 PM, Blogger unsui said...

Has this shampoo being marketed here ..or just one of those "phoren item" kept on separate shelves ?
yes Clairol is Good...I know it as a user myslef

At 6:26 PM, Blogger Moonjungle said...

I used to use this wonderfull stuff when I was in B'lore. Its not only great for hair but also for the beard! If u've a sensitive nose & have noticed how different soaps & shampoos react w/ the beard & leave an altogether different odour (sometimes good & sometimes ugh), u'll know what I'm talking abt. The other great thing abt this shampoo is that it leaves ur head feeling really cool.


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